Random 01-25-10

Every morning, right before I head off to work, I open the little door that keeps unwanted guests out of the chicken coop during the night.  Then I open the giant door and change the water and check the feeder to be sure they have enough food for a while.  The above video shows the chickens getting out for their morning exercise and beginning their day of hunting for food, bathing in dust, battling for leadership roles, running to the best place to rest and avoiding any hawks that may fly over.
It has become evident in the recent weeks that we probably have 4 roosters who will serve to be served on plates.  Roosters are noisy and do not lay eggs...  That means we have 6 hens which is the exact number we wanted.  They tend to lay every 26 hours or so, so that should be somewhere around 3 dozen fresh eggs every week.  Chicken Information Here <----- you must have Google Wave.  Sorry.

This morning I had opportunity to talk to a coworker about the future and stuff.  He mentioned some smart guy that has a book and movie about the future of the world and how we will have technology that will make it possible to live 'forever' by the year 2040.  This is done be either cloning your body and having nano-bytes that can copy your 'information' in your brain and body and then transfer that 'data' into the new body (or anything else you would like to use) and you would continue your life from there.  It was all very interesting and after another coworker is done with the book, I may glance through it.  The book is a little anti-"religious" in that the guy believes that religions will deny his proclamations because religions have to have death in them in order to corner the market (or some language like that).  That doesn't bother me because he is free to be wrong.

I would be scarred to death to live forever, and here is why.  I think I would rather die than be here when the Lord returns.  I don't know all the details, but I have a weak stomach when out of my comfort zone, or during times of change, so I think I would be sick for as long as it takes from the Lord returning and me getting a new body.  Actually, I am a little bit escathologely (spell check failed) challenged.  Who knows, maybe I'll be called to a mission where it would benefit everybody to live a few hundred years or so.  If that is God's will, He can make it so without our technological advances... so, there ya go.

I am currently listening to Secrets by Marion Meadows on Pandora.  Click Here to listen to the station I have created.  It's fun, easy... free.

In Other News:
Is that my son in the dryer???

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