Battle Hymn of the Republic

In the beginning, God created and the Heavens and the earth and there wasn't anything on the earth.  So, God spoke light into existence.  Then God put water on this earth that was flooded with light.  Then God brought land up out of the water and so created the Garden of the God's near Pike's Peak in Colorado.  Then he added plants and vegetation to the earth and the Garden of the God's.  Then he put the sun to shine on the red rocks during the day and the moon for a completely different look at the Garden at night.  The God created different wild animals to roam through the Garden and to fly around the Garden.  Then God created man to explore this earth and the Garden of the Gods and that's just what we did.

Could you imagine thinking that out of nothing these rocks came about and then due to ice ages and maybe volcano's and millions of years of raindrops formed this Garden of the Gods?  I love the interview (3 parts) that R.C. Sproul did with Ben Stein when his movie was coming out: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  Mr. Ben Stein talked about asking a person who believes evolution made all we see what was before that.  There is no answer.  Where did the bang come from?  Where did the first cell come from?  Could it be that there is intelligent design?  It doesn't make sense apart from someone or some thing has always been and designed the earth to be as it is today.  Where did the law of gravity come from?  It just always was?  Perhaps, but I find it easier to believe that God created, therefore it is.

I've been trying to cut certain words out of my vocabulary.  Happen happens to be one :).  Just kidding, Happen is one of them.  It doesn't make sense for something to just happen to happen.  I rather believe that happen to think that things happen to happen for a reason and if you are a Christian, all things happen to happen for your good.

So, there are some random thoughts for today.

In Other News:
We are starting to teach John boy new songs besides the three he loves to sing after bedtime devotions: Holy Holy Holy, the Doxology and It Is Well.  They are great songs, but after the hundred billionth time, it's time to move on.  Not leave them behind, rather sing them less than every night.  Any favorites?  I tried convincing Bethany that we should sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, but I'm not sure it's gonna fly.

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