Don't Kill Ants (Unless they are a Pain) - Pyrion Flax

The beginning of where I chose to start the video is where Pyrion Flax explains to his kid that ant genocide is bad, unless the ants are where you don't want them.

Obviously, humans are in dominion over animals... don't get confused.

Save Penguins or Polar Bears?

I guess we need to decide if we want ice to save drowning polar bears or no ice so penguins can eat.

Just for Fun

$7,300 Lamborghini for sale

This beautiful $250,000 Lamborghini is for sale at a huge discount of $7,300! It may need some work. For example, the carbon ceramic brake assembly has been removed and sold at auction. However, if you would like a Lamborghini and don't have quite enough for a new one, this one may be exactly what you are looking for.