Peter Hitchens on Gun Control

Spina Bifida Surgery is Worth Reading About

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This is a story well worth reading! Check it out and be sure to read all the way to the end where it was clear that the reason this baby's life was spared is because it was wanted.

Later, Mrs. Royer’s mother, Raquel Bourgeois, said the family understood that the operation was not a cure, and that her grandson would almost certainly have some degree of disability.
“But we’re strong believers in God, and we’re at peace,” Mrs. Bourgeois said. “This baby is going to be so loved. We just don’t care.”
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Phil Robertson Comes to CRTV !

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, who was unafraid to speak about the Bible and what the Bible says about certain topics not exactly politically correct anymore, is coming to CRTV.

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