Driving with Uber

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I've been driving with Uber. The area I drive in is pretty easy. I drive before work, after work and if I feel like it, I'll drive on a Saturday for a couple buck. The morning seems to be the time to earn money where I am. The county I'm in is spread out enough that where I live to where I work and therefore where others live and work, I can earn enough to fill my tank a gas for a week in just one to two trips.

If your interested in driving with Uber, please use my referal code:

Totally Stroking Calendar (Excellence Edition)

The Totally Stroking Calendar is a tool you have been needing for many years now. It's true. Some people have the great idea of getting a calendar made from the almost forgotten product, paper and then put it somewhere and neglect to use it. Then March comes around or perhaps July and their $12.00 calendar is full of blank months and they realize their wasted months are wasted dollars. 

This can be avoided with the Calendar mentioned here. All the months are blank. The Month Title and Dates are blank and ready for you to start using the calendar at any month, in any year. Just fill in the month and dates and start. If you are not confident you'll feel like using it in the future months, leave the future months blank. Start again when you are ready to.

Right now (January 12, 2018) the calendar is 40% off! PLUS through the 15th of January (2018) Lulu is allowing additional off and free ground shipping or 50% off better shipping using the Promo Code BOOKSHIP18 .

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Take a look. For $7.00 or so, you could have a great calendar with 2 years of calendar. Plenty of room for notes for each month and pages of space specifically for notes in the back.

Peter Hitchens on Gun Control

Spina Bifida Surgery is Worth Reading About

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This is a story well worth reading! Check it out and be sure to read all the way to the end where it was clear that the reason this baby's life was spared is because it was wanted.

Later, Mrs. Royer’s mother, Raquel Bourgeois, said the family understood that the operation was not a cure, and that her grandson would almost certainly have some degree of disability.
“But we’re strong believers in God, and we’re at peace,” Mrs. Bourgeois said. “This baby is going to be so loved. We just don’t care.”
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