Short Story

Turns out that our van is in need of an alternator.  Fine, I bought one.  However, funny story.

I went to the website of two very popular Auto Parts Stores whom I will not name to protect the innocent.  I will call them AA and DA.  Found what I needed on the DA website and it cost a lot of money.  Found the same part on the AA website and found that it was over $50 cheaper.  I call AA and they tell me that I have to go in and order it and it will be that price once I return the old alternator.  Okay, that's what I'll do.

Lunch time comes around and I look at Google Maps to find AA and see it is by Sunshine Boulevard.  I head out.  I drive and see Sunshine coming up and look around, there is the Auto Parts Store.  I pull in.  They look up the part, hey it's in stock...  All right!  I don't have to come back tomorrow.  Here is the price.  Seems a bit high, but they did tell me I would have to order it and I don't, so maybe they told me the wrong price also.  Wrong!

I get into my car and look up... I'm at DA.  What???  I zipped back to work, pulled up Google Maps and find out that AA and DA are pretty close to one another by Sunshine Boulevard.  I tell the story to Bethany right quickly and get back in the car and head to to the counter of DA ready to return the alternator and head to AA and get the good price.
DA Rep: "What's the problem?"
Me: "I need to return this."
DA Rep: "Okay, how come?"
Me: "It's cheaper at AA." (I find being honest and direct is best always)
DA Rep: "Really? We can match the price" (Manager walks by)
DA Rep to Manager: "This guy says AA price is 50 bucks cheaper."
Manager: "How much do they have it for?"
Me: "$109."
Manager to DA Rep: "Give it to him for $100. We can't be beat by AA"

I save 10 bucks by going to the wrong store and then trying to return it.  Nice.  The moral of the story?  Shop around and then go to your favorite store and tell them their competitions prices and see what happens.  Might not work every time, but if it doesn't work, walk out and go to the cheaper guy.

In Other News:
I have a Buell Blast for sale and a charcoal grill for sale.  Asking a lot less for the bike now...

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