A New Wave

Google Wave is probably going to be the next big social networking slash collaboration thing on the internet.  Right now it is in a preview stage and is limited to invite only.  That really limits what can be done in it.  However, I have started a public Wave that (if you use Google Wave) you can add to and may be interested in.  The question is how do you get there... working...

To get there, you would have to go to the search in Google Wave and type (or paste) with:public "Christian Blogs". I just did it and I had the only Wave of it's kind, so you should see it. If more than one result displays, you should see the one with me in the front.

You should add your favorite links as well. We could build a huge Wave of links to great blogs.

P.S. Look for me at JestoneIV(at)googlewave.com