A Little Signing

John is starting to sing along with Bethany and I now!  He is still not using a lot of words, but he is trying.  It was great to sing It Is Well together before I went to work.  I'm glad he is starting to sing It Is Well, The Doxology, Holy Holy Holy because the other day I had Hey Jude stuck in my head and John was singing the naaaaaa na na na na na na with me and I really had hoped he would sign the good 'Christian' songs and not only the 'good' songs that are not really 'Christian'.

During our reading at night before John goes to bed (around 7:15-7:30), we have been reading a children's Bible book (who's name escapes me right now) and then the recommended text from the Bible and then signing one of the three songs mentioned above... not Hey Jude.  Voddie Baucham recently blogged about family devotions and being repetitive, especially for the young-uns and Bethany and I have been striving to do just that.  We don't sing just one song for months at a time though... I think John is quite capable of learning many more songs then even he hears Bethany and I sing in our home.

I can't wait for John to start singing the words of songs.  Right now he is just kind of humming with his mouth open and trying to say the words that should be there.  He gets a little confused when I start signing the second, third or fourth verse, but if kid's minds are really like sponges, then he will catch on.  Next Bethany, John and I will practice signing in harmony :).  John and I will swap between bass and tenor.  Then piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, drums and so on... Okay, I'm just kidding about that last part.  He can really take whatever he would like, unless he doesn't want to take anything and then he will be taking piano.

There is my post about my pride in my son.  All this made possible only by God's grace, lest I should boast.  Photo used with permission.