Jesus' Brain

Michael Spencer posted on his blog, Internet Monk, "What did Jesus Know? (And How Does It Matter)" today.  Within the post the fact was stated that God became a man (Jesus) "and in his human nature, Jesus was like us in every way, but without sin."  Then he lists ten questions that will either hurt your brain or make you answer with Deuteronomy 29:29.
Question 10:
10. If the Father reveals to Jesus some things that other men did not know, does this mean that Jesus had, available at any time, exhaustive knowledge of the future, science, geography, etc?
One comment quoted Luke 7:9 saying "how do you amaze an 'all-knowing' being?".  This is a great question. Was Jesus acting surprised?
Question 5:
5. Did Jesus, in his incarnation, know things about biology, astronomy and cosmology that were completely ahead of his time? For instance, did Jesus know that the sun did not orbit the earth?
Don't you think Jesus would have mentioned that to someone?   Though this might not be the most important topic to be discussing, I think it is fun.  You ought to read the rest of the questions on Internet Monk.  The comments people have left are good too.  It's good to know that there are people thinking out there.

Reminds me of the time Abraham Piper listed 22 Things God Did Not Create.  One commenter asked what was meant by God not creating imagination, hope and interest.  The answer: "Because he has all those, which means they’ve always existed."  Brilliant!  He asked what else was not created... I added darkness.(Genesis 1:2)

Just things to think about.  I was going to post about the death penalty... maybe in the future.

Photo: / CC BY 2.0