Remembering Those in Chains

Yesterday, after a message and prayer for those persecuted in other countries, I have decided to be more diligent in praying for those imprisoned, harassed and persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of their souls.  It is difficult to think of people who are in daily fear for their lives or the lives of their family because of the ease we have hear in America.

I also decided to add different links to this blog that can help others know and pray for those suffering around the world. I have added the Unreached People of the Day widget and the Voice of the Martyrs News widget so far.  I also recommend by Voice of the Martyrs.

Hebrews 13:3

Hope these links are useful.  Here is a sample of what is on these links:

"...Upon hearing this response the Muslim women became angry and began to beat Asia Bibi. Then some men came and took her and locked her in a room. They announced from mosque loudspeakers that she would be punished by having her face blackened and being paraded through the village on a donkey. Local Christians informed the police, who took Asia into custody before the Muslims could carry out their plan. She is currently being held at the police station in Nankana city. Christians there urged the police not to file blasphemy charges, but police claimed that they must go forward due to pressure from local Muslim leaders."
 From you can see facts about the woman whose story is above (Asia Bibi), her country, writer her a letter, be an advocate and print a fact sheet for you to view and to remember her in prayer.