Groupon OR Google

So, a few months ago, Google offered to buy Groupon, Inc. for $4,000,000,000.00 or so.  Groupon said no.  Google said FINE, and according to Mashable, Google is doing it's own thing.

Now, I've been watching Groupon for a little while now.  They are marketing to young, educated women... which I am not.  So I haven't purchased anything yet, because there is a ton of spa deals, or fancy clothes and stuff that I am not interested in.

Please @Google put something on there that would be a deal for me and people like me.  How about 50% off of online purchases at Bass Pro Shop, or even Cabella's.

Also coming soon is Moolala.  They have a multi-level marketing idea going on.  You sign up, get people to sign up using your link and then make money from them and those under them and so on, up to 5 levels, I think.  Pretty crazy and certainly a step up from Groupon which offers a one time referral bonus.

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