Photos, Fotos, Foto-foto

 This morning John and I cooked breakfast (Salsa Eggs) while listening (on to The Isaacs, The Gaithers, and others.  Good times.  John is, no doubt, playing a spatula or spoon or some other cooking utensil which he calls his guitar.  I'm pretty sure he made me do most of the cooking, but I appreciate any help that he would offer... though I can't remember him doing anything but singing and playing his "guitar".
 Later Steve and I picked up the cheapest hot dogs we could find at Walmart and the kiddos played on the swing set, while us adults sat around in the sun and (wisely, I think) in the shade.  I had plans to clean the chicken coop (they must constantly poop through the night), but there was always one in the coop trying to lay an egg in the 100 degree nest.  The boy pictured is John Boy of course.
 Bethany and I had left over hot dogs from centuries ago... the chickens that you can hardly see were the beneficiaries of those after Bethany smelled them.
 I put the swing set up against the pool this morning.  Okay, no I didn't, I put the pool underneath the slide. I then put water in the pool.  Then we placed the hose on the slide for a fun water-slide into a pool thing.
Another picture of John getting ready to go down the awesome slide.
 Under the slide, next to the pool, lived a rather large family of ants.  The youngsters probably have 2 dozen ant bites each.  Isaac (in this picture, not right this second) is just a step away from having a foot full of 'em.
 This picture is an example of apologizing and forgiveness.  Or as close as children this age can do.

I put the  grill in the shade of my Oak tree in the back yard.
Our chickens enjoyed a day of being out of the fenced area and the yummy hot dogs.
 Sally hung out around us most of the day.  She enjoys being pet from time to time... especially since she has been living on her own for so long now. That (on the left) is her and me and Bethany.
 The view the adults had.
Steve and Aimee, also there.  So were Mercedes and  Ellie, but they slept almost the entire time we were out in the blazing heat.

And that was our day.

By clicking THIS LINK, you will be brought to a picture of our newest member of the family.  Facebook said it is a public link, so if you have trouble getting to the picture, let me know and I will demand a complete refund from Facebook.  If you don't want to click the link, please just look at the picture below.