Lake Quinn, PA

"Welcome to Lake Quinn.  A private lake community in South Canaan, Pennsylvania."

I just discovered this morning that the lake community that my grandparents live in and that I used to visit often when I was but a child growing up in Pennsylvania, has a website (said website).  I have many memories around that Lake Quinn.  Had friends that Steve and I played with, went out in row boats, flipped a sailboat, lost glasses, lost fishing rods, caught frogs, found clay, built roadways in a sandbox that doubled as a cat litter box.  Although my memory isn't exactly perfect, one thing I remember that was awesome was the COW FLOP.
Lake Quinn has a field across the street from my grandparents house, that is owned by my grandparents and their neighbors.  If you look real hard at the aerial, you can almost kinda see the field.  In this field, once a year, men (manly men) took paint and painted squares in part of the field.  In one of these squares a borrowed cow would (for lack of a better word) poop.  People put money down on one of the squares of their choice, and that is the excitement.  Of course there were other activities to do as you waited on the digestion system of the cow, but the main even (to me, at least) was the cow.  Plus, I was to young to gamble on darts and the other raffles and things and normally just road my bike around on the dirt road with Steve and then came back in time for the thrilling bathroom break of the cow.

It turns out that they stopped the cow flop several years ago, because they couldn't get people to help out with the festivities.  As I expressed my disappointment to a coworker, he said that I should hold a cow flop in my area... and so began my thinking.  How awesome would a "block party" be with all the activities centering around my yard, painted up with squares and a cow tied up in the center, walking around, eating grass and finally, relieving itself in the square?  All proceeds will go to a non-profit organization.  It would be awesome.

There could be prizes and games.  I could cook up hundreds of hot dogs on the grill, while we wait in anticipation.  All the neighbors we would reach would be incredible.  Now, I have not looked into the permits and legality of all of this yet, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.

Would you go?  Would you put a dollar on a square or two?  Would you be able to eat a hot dog so close to cow poop?

Let me know, maybe this time next year I will be blogging about how the first annual Lehigh Acres community cow flow went.