Thank You

Thank you for all of your prayers, dinners, calls and Facebook messages!  My prayer for my family is that Bethany, John V and I will grow closer to God during this trying time.  I trust this is your prayer as well.  We know that all things will work out for our good.  His timing is our best whether we can figure out why or not.  Yesterday we thought our car was dying on top of everything else (hospital bills coming too) and I jokingly told Bethany that we were starting to sound like the Job family  (see Job 1:13-20).  I'm thankful we are able to grin at such things.  Again, thanks for all your prayers.

Thursday I started a post I intended to title "Christians sin, repent and change".  I read a depressing post online about homosexuality and how Christians can live this kind of "lifestyle" and be okay with God.  They linked to a pastor who is living this way!  I can not remember this very second how they got around Romans 1:27, but I do remember how they talked about the Old Testament can not be used to direct us because there are laws regarding sex that we choose not to follow, therefore, how can we say which laws we should follow?  I am not sorry I quote Voddie Baucham so much, but he makes points that I think should be heard.  Christians are so confused about what is true and what isn't true that when somebody questions what we believe and then throws in a Bible verse to make us "think", we tend to question ourselves and immediately think we ought to open our minds to new thinking because we might be wrong, especially since we are not studied on such and such subject(s).  Mr. Baucham talks about how most Christians don't even know the basic law of God.  Ten Commandments?  How can we say we are following God if we don't even know what He commands? (Ecclesiastes 12:13, Matthew 19:17)  I added both Old and New Testaments to avoid confusion...  

Anyway, I am not saying that homosexuals can not be Christians, I am saying that Christians can not be homosexuals.  ??? What does that mean?  I guess there is some scientific studies and what not claiming that homosexuals are 'born that way'.  People are also born liars, future alcoholics, workaholics, thieves, murderers, and so on, but we don't excuse these people saying 'they are born that way, God will understand'. I am prone to laziness, perhaps I was born that way... this is not an excuse.  This is something I must fight.  This is something that nailed Jesus to the cross.  This is something I need to repent of and change.  This is not something I was born with so God will understand.

I am cutting this short to retire to bed.  Until next time.

John Edgerton Stone IV