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We watched the first hour of the Shepherding a Child's Heart Conference last night.  Tedd Tripp is a great person to listen to.  It was interesting and easy to understand.

Tedd Tripp talks about something that I wish I was more conscience of during the day, and that is using the entire universe as a school room.  Tripp talks about different times he had opportunity to use the universe as a classroom, like when lightening struck a barn while they were driving by.  Using this as a display of the power of God even in nature.  Doing this (using creation as a classroom) will not seem weird or rehearsed when it is a habit or something that is done all the time.  Our lives should be consumed with searching for ways to teach our children about God and God has given us a massive universe to use.  The Bible itself uses creation and things of creation as teaching tools.  "Consider the raven..." (Luke 12:24).  Sheep, wolves, snakes and doves. (Matthew 10:16)  Racing, Olympics (1 Corinthians 9:24).  Strength (Mark 3:27).  Gold and silver (1 Peter 1:18 1 Peter 3:3)  The universe is massive, probably bigger, so there is no end to teaching using things we can see or not see.  Try explaining how you skin is actually skin cells.  Explain why time works.  Show how God tells the waves that they can go this far (point to wet sand and dry sand) and no farther (Job 38:11).  Read the latter part of Job, start at chapter 38.  There is a ton of things God controls that man stands in awe of.  God waters the land where no man lives! (Job 38:25-26)  And my favorite: when does a mountain goat give birth?

Our God is an awesome God.  If we believe that, why do we not explain his majesty to our little children?  Lets not hinder the children from coming to Jesus. (Luke 18:16)

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