Random 03-02-2010

2010 Band of Bloggers
I've been trying to see how many people you can attract to different things online by using free online social things like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Linkedin and so on.  Here is a list of places you can find me.
I think there is more, but I went through my bookmarks and didn't see anything else.  Right now I am focusing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Reader and TweetMeMe.  I prefer using Google products because everything Google is linked together.  From Google Reader you can see my profile, from my profile you can see Google Buzz and Reader, from there you can find my blog and my Picassa albums, it's a giant web of social stuff.

So, look me up.  I am hoping to make better use of Google Wave.  I was following a "Wave" about using Wave in Christian Churches.  There were people in there discussing Wave not only nationwide but worldwide.  Talking about how massive Google Wave is already in it's childhood and how many people may curiously put into their search bar "Bible" or "Christian" just to see what they can learn from Google Wave because they don't really want to go to a church and talk to strangers about Christ even though that is what they are doing in Wave.