Man of God

Yesterday I was wondering the very same thing I am about to write about.  My thoughts came about after reading from I Kings 17:7-24.

Image this:  You have lost your spouse and can not find work.  It's been a long time since you have had any kind of income.  You have already began eating a third of what you used to eat so that you and your only son can try to live out this time of nothing.  This morning you wake up and look through your refrigerator and cabinets only to find that you have pancake mix that requires nothing but milk and enough milk in the fridge to make 3 pancakes.

You are about to make these pancakes when a fairly famous preacher rings your doorbell.  You've heard of this man.  He dresses funny, is always talking about when Christ will come back to judge the living and the dead.  You wonder what he could want.  Therefore, you open the door and he steps in.  He looks you right in the eyes and asks for a drink of water (thankfully you have a well) and some pancakes for breakfast.  What?  He can't be serious.  Doesn't he know how bad the economy is?  He must have noticed the size of your house, the lack of cars in the driveway.

Sadly, you reply that you have only enough pancake mix and milk for three pancakes that you and your only child were going to split as a last meal before you sat on your favorite (and only) couch and waited to slowly starve to death.  He listens to your every word.  Then he says "do not be afraid, make the pancakes as you have said you were going to do, except, bring me the pancakes you can make first and then make more for you and your son".  He continues as you stare, "I know that God in Heaven will continue to provide pancake mix and milk and that it will not run out until you receive your next paycheck from your new job you will get in a few months to a year."

What do you do?

  1. Slam the door.  After all, this guy is nuts.
  2. Do as he asks and hope for the best.
Well, let's say you are somewhat crazy from lack of food.  You make three pancakes (your son starring at them wide-eyed and drooling) and you walk over to the couch where the intruder is sitting and hand him the plate and fork and knife.  He thanks you and begins eating... okay, now you walk back to the kitchen.  You pick up the emptied milk just and WOW it has the same amount of milk in it that you just used for the pancakes you just made.  You run over to where you left the empty box of mix and it also has some left in it, enough for three more pancakes.*

You quickly make three more pancakes and sit your son down to eat them... you run back to the box and jug and there is the same amount in there again, you makes yourself three pancakes.  It's a miracle!*

*(Results not typical)

Now the questions:
  1. Would you have made the first three pancakes?
  2. Can things like this still happen?  (This is the O.T. after all)
  3. Why or why don't you think this could still happen today?
  4. What about Hebrews 13:2?  Is it possible that if we entertain angels, miracles may happen?
Just something I've been pondering.

In Other News:
I've got a desire to purchase a Moleskine or two, just to keep thoughts in whenever a thought comes up.  However, I am having the hardest time spending over ten bucks for something that I could probably get at a dollar store or Walmart for a lot less.  But they are so cool!!!  Isn't that reason enough to buy something?