Another Idea Without A Patent

Sometimes a genius idea pops into my head and instead of taking the idea and using it for my own obvious financial gain, I choose to share the ideas to everyone else and let them take the idea and run with it.  This idea is so simple yet so spiffy that I am going to pause a moment to see if it has already been acted on...

No, can not find it online.  Wonder if that means it isn't that great an idea or if it is one of those once-in-a-lifetime ideas.  I'll let you decide.  Here it is.

It would be a fairly short, small, paperback book that contains short stories of the reactions of people in the Bible to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  For example, Job 42:1-6 where Job stands in awe of the Glory of God revealed to him by God himself in a storm.  So it would be the actual text of Job 42:1-6.

Or Mathew 8:27 and the verses before and after to keep it in context.  Where the disciples, who feared for their lives, looked at Jesus and were amazed by his ability to control the wind and the waves.

There is a ton of verses in the Bible that tell of what happened to mere men when God was revealed to them.  Some fall to the ground, some go literally blind, some get off their mats and run and dance, some faces shone like the sun, some were cured of life-long diseases.  All of them were affected much more than we seem to be today.  These days, it seems that when we see the hand of God at work we simply breathe a thankful prayer and go on with our lives.

Imagine making it a monthly or even yearly goal to read the new book (coming soon, maybe) Mere Men Meet Maker - short stories of men in the Bible meeting God Almighty (or some other catchy title) and asking ourselves why we do not react the same way though we are always in the presence of God and have His Spirit dwelling in us.

Photo: / CC BY 2.0
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