My Guardian Angel

I was reading the blog of Randy Alcorn and found some interesting things about guardian angels.  Mr. Alcorn believes that angels guard humans one-on-one, which is  not what I thought just moments before reading his blog post.

Here was my thinking of angels: they were used by God to do whatever He told them to do.  For example; God sent angels to tell the shepherds about His Son being born, If Jesus would have jumped off the mountain, angels would have caught him and he wouldn't suffer even a scratch, and so on.  The reason for this limited view of angels is, of course, my ignorance of the subject.  There is not a lot of sermons or talk about angels because angels have become good luck charms here and around the world.  That is not a good reason not to discuss them, but I think it is a reason for sure.  So, having not thought much about angels, I only knew the versus that talk about angels protecting and ministering to Jesus (Luke 4:9-11), being used in the end times (Matthew 16:27, Matthew 24:31), and that angels watch us (I Peter 1:12).

Mr. Alcorn listed a few verses that I am sure have read, but have skipped right over the angel parts.  Mathew 18:10 for instance, speaks of children's angels as though they have specific angels in Heaven that are 'theirs'.  Don't think I ever heard that verse talked about referring to angels.  Acts 12:15 I think is a bit of a stretch.  The people in Mary's house (mother of John), thought that Peter's angel was at the door.  I think they probably meant his spirit or something because why would they think that Peter's angel would have the same voice as Peter?

Nevertheless, Randy Alcorn makes an interesting Question and Answer of the Week.  I'm still not entirely sure of my position.  I guess my thinking is that God is in control of all that happens to me and if He chooses to use angels to keep my motorcycle tires down than that's fine with me (just as he chooses to use surgeons to keep my heart pumping).

"Angel" image used with permission: / CC BY 2.0