Good Music vs. Mediocure Music

Today you can listen to RC Sproul talk about Jazz.  His main point is about modern Christian music and the lack of complexity.  Listen for free here.  After explaining the complexity and improvisation of Jazz, he continues to talk about good music.

I have struggled with this for years.  I love Jazz, some Country, a little Rock, a tiny bit of Classical, and no Opera, but for some reason Christian music (the stuff chosen for radio any way) is lacking in musical awesomeness and lyrical theological greatness.  I am thankful that Ken Puls is able to find great music (both classics and modern) for us to sing and play at church.  There are many good Christian artists, I'm sure, but WayFM and JoyFM and other are missing them.

So, what are we to do?  Search far and wide for good music.  Sing it and play it corporately, privately, with friends, at a home-based Bible study and let CCLI know somehow.  The best way would probably be through your church.  That way these artists who are great get paid and continue being musically awesome and lyrically sound.