I Killed a Squirrel (A Poem)

It was the morning before Sunday Service, / My wife and I, the children with us. / There two playing all in a whirl, / One I killed, it was a squirrel.

"How sad," was what the mom had said, / It is indeed there lying dead. / An inquiry came from the rear, / "It's just a squirrel," said John sincere.

"True indeed," said I in haste. / "Yet, not even a squirrel's life should we waste." / "Not even if we needed food?" / That question, I thought was really good.

For how teach I our first born son / that life is important, everyone's? / Yet when it comes to what I like to eat, / I enjoy spinach, chicken, ham and beef?

Of course we are different from all other creatures, / and we all have many different features, / Yet we are not just to kill for fun / and we sure are sad when our pets lives are done.

One more lesson to teach our kids, / while we drive to places from where we live. / More things to think and stuff to unfurl, / all because I killed a squirrel.

Inspired by the drive to church, Sunday, June 2, 2013. Based on a true story.