Ghosts in the Bottle

John boy is a pretty hard boy to trick. He has a Mickey Mouse magic book that I read when I was around his age and so I thought I would show him a trick our two. He had already figured out how to make a magic wand using construction paper. He had actually looked at the book, "read" the picture instructions and then put the book away and made the wand. It was pretty impressive.

So, I borrowed his wand and said that if it was real it would float. I put the wand against my left hand with my fingers open and wrapped my right hand around my wrist and the wand was floating! (Mystery revealed below). He was pretty amazed. He picked up the wand and opened his hand and the wand fell to the floor. I explained that since he was eating pizza, maybe his greasy hand couldn't make the wand stick. He accepted that and went on eating.

After he ate I was made to show him again. This time as the wand floated he realized that one of my fingers on my right had was not wrapped around my wrist as the others. Yup, I was holding the wand against my left palm with my right index finger. Busted. 

Later in the evening I did something John boy can not explain away. I took a glass Coke bottle and put it in the freezer. After the boys bathed, I took out the bottle, set it on the table and put a penny on top. The whole evening I was telling John that we can catch a ghost in the bottle in the freezer... because that is where they hang out. While he took a bath I told him that ghosts were not real. He would ask how he would see a ghost later and I would say they are not real. Then he would ask how we could trap them in a bottle if they were not real, to which I would respond that he would have to wait and see. Fun times.

After the bath, the bottle in place, a ghost was mysteriously hitting the bottom of the penny trying to escape! I took a video... but it did not work for some reason. Maybe I will record it tomorrow night. Over and over again the ghost would hit the penny trying to get out. The boys thought it was pretty nifty.