I don't want a new Bible

A long time ago (November 6, 2009) I posted about awesome Christmas presents that would be fun to have. Unfortunately, three Christmas' have gone by and neither me nor those I know have purchased or had one purchased for them. Still, they are incredibly neato. I'm talking about Bibles.

Not your ordinary ESV Bible that came off the press a year and a half ago. I mean a dandy 1537 Mathew-Tyndale first English language Bible ever translated into English directly from Hebrew and Greek Bible. The kind of Bible that if you had 15 of them, you would have them all (plus one or two)!

Take a look at The Great Site to see some older, rarer Bibles. It is awesome! I wish I could have made a stop in Arizona to see the showroom.

In case you are wondering, my birthday is July 16. I prefer English Bibles like the 1380 John Wycliffe handwritten manuscript, estimated at 2 million dollars or more.

I think the oldest Bible in my house right now is an 1984 Bible, probably printed that year or so. What is your oldest Bible? Anybody got one 200 years or older?