Need a vacation?  Have a two or more person family?  Have a tight budget?  Then camping is for you!  For $12.00 a night (or $24.00 if you need more room), you can set your tent up at a lovely spot for the evening and work on your survival skills and relax with nature.

December 31st, Bethany John boy and I will be heading due north (from where I sit) almost to Caloosahatchee Regional Park with a tent, some food, a kayak and perhaps some bikes.  We will be joining friends (some we know, some who we will meet) and family doing whatever we want.

Some might ask, "what is so great about camping?"  Camping is great!  It brings out the man in men and boys and the relaxation in ladies.  The men get there and immediately their instincts kick in.  They survey the land, looking for a flat spot for their tent that will meet their most basic needs of storage, closeness to the fire, distance from trees that look like they will drop large branches in the smallest breeze and so on.  Then they begin pitching the tent.  A work of art every time.  Pulling the tent inches at a time until in the perfect spot, they begin beating the stakes into the ground.

Next, after the shelter has been erected, the man's instincts remind him that he will need food. The food is already near or in the tent waiting, but there needs something.  That something is fire.  Mans second best friend.  Fire needs fuel.  Trees are fuel, but the park ranger said "no cutting down trees".  The man must hunt for fallen logs, branches, kindling.  Looking quickly for firewood as the sun begins its decent, the man quickly searches around his site.  Then, a strike of flint, a puff of air, FIRE.

Where are the ladies, you ask?  In the chairs set up around the campfire by their husbands.  Reading, talking, watching the wood turn to ash, taking sips of their iced tea.  Isn't that a ladies dream?

All this for two ten dollar bills and a five.  There will most likely be pictures of this adventure sometime in January.  Stay tuned.

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