Been Busy

As you certainly know, our Habitat for Humanity home has Chinese Drywall.  The last some weeks or so, we have been looking for places to rent, waiting for information, packing, rearranging, and saying goodbye to our house.  During that time we have also done some fun things that I could have written about, I just haven't felt like it.  However, today, I will.

Firstly, my dad and brother are still putting together a few things to sell.  There is no limit to what they can make within their limitations.  Steve has made picture frames recently that are neato.  There is always the Shoe Shine Box which is for sale at Etsy.  Really, if you want something made, you oughta just ask them if they can do it, and how much it would cost.

Bethany and I bought a massive tent!

The floor on this puppy is 10' X 20'.  If you were following this blogs Facebook Page, you would already know that ;).  Steve, John boy and I slept in it last Friday night, the 5th.  It was cold out, but John boy and I shared 4 or 5 blankets and Steve (who slept about 12' away from us!) had a sleeping bag and blanket.  It was great.  Steve and I kept a fire going in his little charcoal grill that sits on the ground.  It was warm off and on.  I didn't take pictures this time...

I am totally going to get Bethany to go camping with me soon.  She said she would love to go, it just may be difficult while she is expecting.  So it may be anywhere from 2 to 12 months from now.  I really want to go to Fisheating Creek.  Bethany really wants to go to the springs near Ocala.  That's two trips right there! If you have a tent and want to go camping, raise your hand... and then comment below.

Hopefully we are moving out of our house this weekend.  I'll let ya know.

Another useful link.  I bought my uncle's CD "Night Jazzmen".  You should listen to samples HERE.