Weekend Fun - Lots of pictures

This Saturday, Bethany, John and I planted some flowers in our little garden next to our front door.
 John boy and Bethany did the planting of the flowers.
 John boy mostly watching and dieing to help.
I dug the holes, added the potting soil and watered.
John boy played in the dirt.
Here is John boy and Bethany working hard.
The flowers are all planted here.  Five of them.
 I added Cypress mulch.
 3 bags of mulch.

Raking mulch.
John boy lost interest in the garden eventually and started hitting his golf clubs on the post hole digger.
Then he helped me move mulch around.

The curious chickens came for a couple of seconds, to make sure we were doing it right.
Too many pictures (53 to be exact).
The inspector game to make sure everything was up to snuff.

She gave us the approval and went back to the backyard.
Our pet bunny!
After planting, John boy and I played a round of golf.
To make things fair, I used John boy's clubs.

A good day.