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Are you tired of wondering if people are staring at your unpolished shoes while you are ushering at church?

Is there a black shoe outline on your couch from trying to shine your shoes with nowhere to put them?

Is your sock drawer also you shoe shine drawer?

Did you just try brushing your hair with a shoe shine brush because your husband put it back in the wrong cabinet and now you have black streaks in your hair?

Do you wish your shoes shined shiny like a shiny shining thing?

If you answered YES to any of any of these questions, then I invite you to check out the Stone & Sons Woodworking Etsy Page.  

My dad and Steve are selling these and are looking at different ways to sell the thing that they are building.  Etsy is one way to sell them and they are starting with a Shoe Shine Box

Please take a look at the page.  If you have an Etsy page, let me know and I will "Favorite" your store and you can favorite ours.  I know it says that there is only one box for sale, but that is not entirely accurate.  Etsy charges $0.20 for each listing (or quantity), so I placed one for sale for now and there will be more after the sale.  Perhaps (if somewhat successful), I will up the quantity a bit.

This concludes the advertisement.