On The Farm

An Update.

The chickens, whom remain unnamed, are doing well. Their tasty, unfertilized, fresh, daily eggs are scrumptious when we eat them. We currently have 2 dozen (and a half) more than we need, so I put another add on Craigslist, which has been answered already. That's nice, but a lot of people have asked about the eggs, and even set up times to buy some and have not shown up.

Yesterday, I forgot to get cat food for our cat that has been forced to live outside because of her fleas. Last night we gave her left over pork, which she loved. But the chickens were out grazing... and it turns out that they love pork. The cat and chickens fought for the yummy pieces, but I had to stop the chickens because the chickens have their own food and the cat does not.  Three or so chickens were put back in their pen with pieces of pork in their beaks.

If you are looking, fixing, aiming to start a mulch pile, or have a mulch pile and want more wonderous nutrients, I have piles of chicken poop ready for your disposal. I have filled huge garbage bags of poop (and pine shavings) in just a little over a month.  So, I have plenty. It's free, just not free of smell. The idea is to leave it in your mulch pile for a year, because it is very acidy (which, evidently, is not a word).

More soon.