New and Improving

This blog is improving.  You'll notice just above this post (or the top of all the posts if you are reading this after another post has been posted) is Home and Contact and Our Country and Waste Time and stuff.  If you are using a Feed Reader, you will not see these things and should click here, or Here.  You can link up with your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace or Yahoo account.  I don't know the exact benefits of doing this, except that I will know how many loyal followers I have.

On the bottom of the screen is a toolbar.  You can update your Twitter Status right there on the toolbar if you log in through this blog.  AMAZING isn't it?  I tried it yesterday, it was so much fun.  You can click on a post (or not) and click, I Like This Page and it will update your favorite social thing (if you are logged in to this blog). It's crazy what you can do on this blog now.

You'll notice that Our Country tab is blank.  I'll put stuff there soon.  Something to do with the USA.  I know I have people from other countries that read or have read, sorry.  Maybe I'll change it to USA in the future... but for now it is Our Country.

Clicking on Waste Time will start a game that I like to play.  Isn't it so cool that you can play a game while reading about the Unreached People of the Day?  

Explore and have fun.  I'll write a better post later.