Aliens and your Soul

Have you ever given thought that maybe we (humans) are part of a huge experiment by intelligent life on a distant planet?  That real aliens are operating the way things happen around us, just to see what we would think or to see how we would respond?  Perhaps you are the only person that actually exists.  Everyone else is just in your mind and some being somewhere is letting things happen to you like a child playing with a doll.  Some thing is pushing buttons on a handheld device that make your puppy get hit by a car, or causes your car to die.

Imagine if the move Matrix was half true.  You are just a your own imagination running wild.  Other elements around you are illusions of what you think things actually look like, feel, smell and work.  Crazy aliens somewhere decide your car is going to break down.  It isn't going to start even though the battery is fine.  You run through different diagnostics on your vehicle, knowing that bringing it to a mechanic would cost hundreds that you don't want to pay.  After spending long brain aching minutes under the hood you discover that a fuse was blown for reasons you can not figure out.  The way you handled the situation was documented and added to a huge database where other "humans" were tested similarly.  

Perhaps movies like The Box and Matrix and others are actually revelations given to humans because some alien somewhere feels bad that they are treating humans this way.


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