Books for John Boy

I'm looking for books for John boy.  The above is one of the books that Bethany found and is pretty interesting.  Because I love Google so much - you can look at all the books I've been looking at in My Library.  Google Books has gotten pretty spiffy the last few months.  You can search for the best price, read a lot of the book before you buy, get reviews, make reviews.  It could be a readers dream come true, or not. It has been fun reading from the book we got from the Ascols years ago, but we are getting to the end of it.  So, it's time for some new ones.

That is where you (the reader) come in.  If you would like to suggest some books, leave a comment with a link to the book on Amazon, Google or your favorite place to purchase the book.  I am going to look for it using Google Books anyway, but your link will be helpful.

In Other News:
This is a short post, maybe there will be more later. Founders