Shacking Up - Rated M for Mature

I've known a few people in my life (men and woman) who have decided to move in with the love of their life before getting married, and most of the time before even the plan of getting married.  "It's easier", "you really get to know the person" and other reasons are at the forefront of their decisions.  Over the years I've noticed that for a man (I am speaking of an unsaved man), there really isn't a problem with this because they could care less if they get married or if they stay single the rest of their lives.  Women... I don't understand.  It is as though their lifelong dream is to get married and have children and live happily ever after, but "you really get to know a person when they move in".  I once told a lady friend of mine that 'if you want to get married, keep him out of your bed'.  The idea was two-fold.  One, you eliminate the (pardon my Yiddish) schmucks who have one thing on their minds.  Two, if that man loves you enough to wait, he'll marry you.  I thought the idea was perfect, even for an unsaved person, but she did not and they live together and there is a distant plan to get married, in the future, sometime... maybe.

I like listening to Judge Judy at work sometimes... a lot.  Almost every case involves two people who moved in with one another without the binding contract of marriage (yes I know, marriage is much more than that, but I'm talking about law) and everything goes wrong and by the end they hate each other more than anything in the world.  Easier?  I don't think so.  If you love somebody enough to move in, then get married.  If you don't think that is a good idea, don't move in with one another.  

I know it misses the bigger picture (keepin' it a low rating) and of course the main picture (salvation).  It has been so common to just move in with people that it isn't even questioned anymore.  What benefit is there really?  You can go out to dinner every night easier because you are both at home?  If she gets pregnant, at least you can paint the babies room easier because you both live there?  Maybe you do get to know somebody better by moving in with them... but if you don't really love 'em, it is not going to be pretty.

A mini rant - because I just listened to like 10 episodes of Judge Judy and it was the same thing over and over again.

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