In Other News

So,  we are planning on getting our chickens Saturday!  I'm excited, that's why I'm talking about it again.  We want six Rhode Island Reds which are available from this guy who has some kind of land in North Ft Myers with horses and chickens and stuff.

Also, my 2003 Buell Blast is for sale!  Yes, I am switching back to four wheels... at least for now.  The idea is that we can add miles to a car that already has lots of miles on it (driving to work and church and on the weekends) and save mileage on the van.  We are looking for a 4 door small car (I like manual transmissions) that is good on gas (not as good as the motorcycle - 70 mpg) and that has air condition.  Know anybody that has that vehicle for $2k plus or minus?

Back to the chickens.  Chickens are supposed to lay one egg a day.  We want six chickens.  That should be about 6 eggs a day.  That means by the weekend, we should have almost four dozen eggs.  We will probably go through one dozen a week... so that's 3 dozen eggs for sale.  We are not planning on getting rich on eggs and will not ask for much, just enough.

Now!  Saturday (if we get chickens), you should expect to see pictures of John boy and the chickens.  I am half expecting John to be excited and playing with them, and I half expect him to be a little afraid of them.  He seems to like friendly cats, but not nosy dogs.  Maybe the chickens will be nosy but friendly.  We'll see.

Other than that.  No other news I want to type.