Bible Reading

I discovered two very helpful things at the Bible Gateway website.  It all started last week when I wanted to find a daily Bible reading thing online because it is easier to read the computer screen whilst eating breakfast than it is to read a Bible laying on the table next to the bowl that has to be held open.  So, I did a Google search for Bible reading related things and, of course, Bible Gateway was amongst the top results.

Bible Gateway has two things I will use more often now.  One is the five different Bible Reading Plans that they offer.  Currently, I am reading the Bible in a year... actually, I started this morning, so, I am cheating a little because I skipped ummm... 11 days.

 Second is the Audio Bibles.  You pick a Book of the Bible and a chapter and none other than Max McLean reads to you right from your computers speakers.  I recommend the flash version because you won't need to download anything if your computer is up to snuff.  Turns out that this Max McLean guy is quite famous for a few things, like being a narrator for Listener's Bible online and a daily radio program Listen to the Bible which is worldwide.  I think I've heard his name before, but after reading the information on Wikipedia, what I'd really like to see is his theatrical presentation of The Screwtape Letters which I have been meaning to read but have neglected to.  

In Other News:  Our chickens spent the night outside in their coop.  We gave them a lamp so they could read... or stay warm and covered the large hard-wire wall with a blanket to keep the wind out.  This morning when I went out to change their water and add feed, they were fine, all snuggled up under the lamp talking about the weather and trying to determine which ones of them were male and which were female.  After giving them food and fresh water I removed the blanket so that they could watch the sunrise.  Because of the few hawks we have around the house, the chickens are not allowed to play outside without our supervision.  

Photo:  From Here - I'd buy one if I could.