Enough Said, Come On and Be Set Free

One of the reasons I love Cross Movement is the lyrics.  Rap I can do with or without, but the way that Cross Movement puts the lyrics in these songs is just shy of awesome.

Verse 1)

  • Blind as a bat, or better yet blind as three mice
  • Either way you look at it the crooks get it
  • Dont look at me like Im pathetic the book said it
Verse 2) Haff-ta put the whole verse.  It is perfect for our culture.  (Kinda graphic, but so is the Bible)
  • Do you wanna be the kind of sis
  • That does the work wit a kiss
  • Workin her hips, and gotta use a skirt and a twist
  • Im certain of this, love's what you're searchin for Miss
  • But earth's an abyss, so love you're certain to miss
  • Cause most guys from birth, grow to be guys that flirt
  • Puttin sweet lies to work so as to disguise the purpose
  • Which is to shoot the gift, just to get you to shift
  • He's got the tools to get in the skins
  • You know that's been the trend
  • Why would you get a wife, when he just have a friend
  • And with a little gin after a spin in the benz
  • Wit some R&B he can hit it again and again
  • I know its sort of bugged out now Im sailin on the waters of
  • Experience , I know a wife and a daughter's love
  • So I'm up on things that pertain to "dime pieces"*
  • My mind reaches to share things that remain after my rhymes ceases
  • Let him keep his cheese, never let him eat for free
  • Let him meet your needs, and never let him sleep and leave
  • God's plan is that you marry, so the creep must cleave
  • And learn about a women's worth like Alicia Keys
  • Dudes and dudettes, should both do that
  • So Im exposin this like film when light gets to it
  • You need to learn about the way the righteous do it
  • You gotta see what life looks like when Christ get to it
Verse 3)
  • Man, I be hopin all people will all cry out
  • To the Saviour cause the Judge ain't lettin ya'll slide
  • Cause He's the Love Boat, now but I panic
  • Cause ya'll don't understand that He'll be the Titanic
  • And take under, some men wit a great thunder
  • He's the great wonder, shunnin Him's the great blunder
Last Line)
  • Enough said, come on and be set free
...and I don't just like the way they use the English language, as far as I can tell (with the CD's that I own) they seem theologically sound.  So enjoy, if you can.

*A "dime piece" is a beautiful woman.  I looked it up and recommend nobody else look it up due to the language that is used in the Urban Dictionary.