Many times Jesus healed some one during his earthly ministry, they were healed because of their faith.  The man with leprosy in Mark 1:40 came to Jesus believing that if Jesus was willing He would and could heal him.  In Mark 2:1-12 Jesus forgave the sins of the paralytic because of the faith of him and his friends, then made the man to walk.  If you were lying there unable to walk for years and this man told you to stand, would you stand up or just lie there thinking he was crazy?

Mark 5:25-29 a woman suffering from bleeding for twelve years realized that if she was to just touch him she could be healed.  She was not the only one touching him in the crowd but she had the faith to be healed (Mark 5:34).  Mark 7:24-30 A woman begged Jesus to heal her possessed daughter, but she was a Syrophoenician woman, so Jesus told her that he should feed the children before the dogs, to which she replied, 'even the dogs eat the children's crumbs under the table'.  She knew He could heal her child and believed He would.  

Mark 7:32-35 Jesus healed a deaf and mute man because of this man's friends.  Mark 8:22-25 Jesus heals a blind man because of his friends.  

One of the best times of faith being displayed is when a father brought his possessed boy to Jesus to be healed.  At first the boys father had some doubts that Jesus could do anything for the boy. (Mark 9:22) Jesus explained to him that all is possible for him who believes.  (Mark 9:23)  The man acknowledges the problem was his lack of faith and pleads with Jesus to increase his faith.  (Mark 9:24)  He says, "I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief."  Then Jesus commanded the evil spirit to leave the boy and the boy was healed.  Read Mark 9:28-29.

Bartimaeus was a blind man who heard that Jesus was coming and continued to shout to Jesus to have mercy on him.  Even when he was rebuked for yelling out, he yelled all the more, begging Jesus to have mercy on him.  Finally, Jesus had him brought over and asked what he wanted.   He replied, that he wanted to see.  Jesus healed him because of his faith and sent him on his way (Mark 10:52).  

I am certainly not recommending you practice faith healing, but there is an obvious link to Jesus' miracles and peoples faith.  Mathew 8:8-10 a centurion believed that Jesus did not have to even be at his house to heal the sick servant.  He believed Jesus would heal him right from where He was and that is just what happened (Mathew 8:13).  A lot of these verses had to do with healing, but we are told that anything we ask in Jesus name He will do (John 14:10-14).  Why do we not have what we want (providing it's not selfish or with the wrong motives)?  Because we do not ask (James 4:1-3).  

When we bring our long lists of prayer requests before the Lord, do we really believe that God can and will do what we ask?  I'm afraid that many times I do not.  I'm thinking we need to be more like the friends of the paralytic and blind man and deaf and mute man who brought their friend to Jesus and asked Him to heal them.  When we pray for someone and asked God to heal his body and his soul we must do so while believing God can do as we ask.  Do you need more faith?  Ask for it.  Just as we are told to ask for wisdom, (James1:5-8) should we not ask God to strengthen our faith?

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