Love Never Fails

A huge Congratulations! to Master Ricky Davis and Miss Rachel Ascol!  Who, having resisted the world-wide idea of marriage, have:

  • Become engaged being younger than 30.
  • Chosen to be married before living together.
  • Guarded each other's heart.
  • Listened to the wisdom of their Pastor.
  • Sought the counsel of Godly men and woman.
  • Prayerfully made decisions.
I have but one suggestion (of a ton) to these and all who are and who are thinking about being engaged... ever.  Pick a time to do family devotions now.  If you are single, you are your family.  If you are married, you and your wife are your family.  If you are married with children, your wife, children and you are your family and so on.  For some reason, Family devotions is one of my biggest struggles.  However, habits are hard to break, so form a family devotion habit now.  It is so much easier to have dinner and then devotions if that is what you have been doing for the last year or two or more.  Starting dinner and then devotions last week makes it hard this week, after all, you have things to do after dinner.

So, a short post of congratulations.  For more information about courting, engaging and marriage, feel free to ask.

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