It's The Fuzz!

We have more things to be thankful for than we can even know.  If you're reading this, you have a house, a computer, the internet, friends, and so on.  I'm going to make sure to add one more thing to your list.

Yesterday, during Sunday School, a police officer drove his car slowly into our church parking lot.  He slowly went around the parking lot stopping once or twice for no apparent reason.  He continued around and headed for the exit real slow.  He stopped a young man (reasons unknown) and then continued on his way as slow as a the bacon is cooking next to me while I feel like I'm starving.

The Sunday School class I was in was watching out the window.  There could have been a few ideas as to why that police office was there, but one thing that I and the rest of us knew almost for certain, is that he had no intention to come into our church and stop us from worshiping.  We were not afraid for our lives.  We did not quickly put our Bibles under our seat cushions or wait shaking for the police to do a thorough search of our building and drag some of us out for questioning.

We should be increasingly thankful for our freedoms here in America.  Our freedoms may seem to be under attack or diminishing, but our freedoms are still here.  Let us continue to give thanks for our freedom to worship God without fear and continue to pray for those who can not worship "freely" as we can.  Be thankful that the government can not tell us what days to worship, and pray for those who have to abide by the governments schedule of worship .

Photo: / CC BY 2.0